Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr. Buckland

On our way to the doughnut store, we met a man by the last name of Buckland. He asked for some change or a cigarette. We gave him both. He said we were the first group of people that stopped for him. He asked us where we were from and he chuckled and replied "oh Minnesoooooooota!" He told us about some of his family history from Norway and how they used to live in Minnesota. He just really seemed like he needed someone to talk to, or just listen. We said goodbye and wondered into the doughnut place just around the corner. He came in a few minutes later and attempted to purchase something but seemed to leave with nothing. The owner was rude to him. Gabby and I bought him a doughnut and brought it outside to him. He accepted it, thanked us and said he tried to buy a cup of coffee with the money we'd given him earlier but he was short 13 cents. Gabby gave him a couple more quarters to buy the coffee. We went back inside, finished our food and started to leave. As we left he went in and purchased the coffee. I left feeling great, and that every stereotype I had of a homeless person was destroyed. He didn't harass us when he asked for money, he was polite. He didn't keep begging for more, he was grateful. He didn't spend the money on drugs or alcohol, he bought coffee. He wasn't crazy, he made conversation. He wasn't rude, he thanked us multiple times. After the earlier bus incident, this was an extremely lifting experience, and one that I will not soon forget.


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