Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Having an open heart

I feel like the purpose of the catalyst program is to challenge you not only physically through volunteering, but also mentally as you grow into who you are as a person and as a force of change. Throughout high school I was always actively involved in my community and school through the volunteering that I did. I was known as the girl that had done everything and was voted that I would make a impact on the world someday. I have wanted to be a force of change in the world that I live in and always will. However, I have been lost for sometime on how to get involved in the community since I went to college. I am originally from Washington state, where I knew everywhere that I could volunteer at and has numerous connections to various organizations. Moving to Minnesota changed all that and put me at a loss for what I can do. I have spent the majority of the year, not being as active as I wanted and it took this trip to make me realize that volunteering is and will always be one of my passions, and that I need to work had to make those volunteering chances available to me.
Today we worked at project open hand and honestly I have never felt so comfortable. I wanted to cry when their volunteer coordinator told me of how much love they put into their food and the service that they do. What hit home to me was that they give people birthday cakes and homemade cards to people for their birthday so that they know someone out there cares for them. Even though I was packaging various types of meat, I still had a great time. I had so much fun, and I did not even do any tourist activities. Volunteering warms your heart and fills you with so much happiness that you cannot get anywhere else. I was having an amazing day at open hand and then at the SF food bank until I had money stolen from me. It is hard to explain how this made me feel, I felt defiled and invaded. Even though all they took was material items, they still invaded my privacy and me. To not be too overcome with being mad, I focused on all the good that we did and the people that we met. Despite any challenges that I may face what is important is not the material items that you have but the relationships and the connections that you have with people. We have to be open in our lives to be able to truly experience growth.


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